The Eucharist

A beautiful witness to the Eucharist by Thích Nhất Hạnh. Truly beautiful:

You have not seen Jesus personally. You have not met the Buddha personally. But you have received their teachings. You have put into practice their teachings. You have the Dharma body in you. So Jesus is alive in every cell of your body. Buddha is alive in every cell of your body. You can talk to them. ‘Jesus, I know that you are there, in myself.’ You don’t have to go and look for Jesus elsewhere. He is your ancestor and you are a continuation. You should know how to walk like him, to break the bread like him, to pour the wine like him, mindfully.

On the way to Emmaus, the three travelers did not recognize Jesus. But once they came to the inn, and the other person ordered dinner, broke the bread and poured the wine, by looking at him they recognized that Jesus was not dead, he is still alive.

So if you know how to break the bread mindfully, to enjoy the piece of bread in your hand, you touch the body of Jesus. That is the essence of the Eucharist. Jesus is available to you 24 hours a day if you know how to walk like him, to sit like him, to breathe like him, to break the bread like him. Then, you are with him all the time. That is the deepest connection.

This applies to your blood ancestors, biological ancestors, and to your spiritual ancestors also.

I have never complained that I was born a little bit too late, 2,500 years after the Buddha. I have never complained like that. Because I know that the Buddha is available in the here and the now.

Your father also.
Your mother also.

That is the insight you get when you practise mindfulness and concentration.

– Thích Nhất Hạnh, June 2014